The Magical West Sikkim – A Complete Tour Plan Guide

The Magical West Sikkim – A Complete Tour Plan Guide

West Sikkim Tour

West Sikkim is another district in Sikkim which holds great importance in the history of Sikkim and is also a place of great religious importance.

West Sikkim is a very popular tourist destination for tourist who loves the spectacular view of the beautiful Mount Kanchenjunga. The district in Sikkim is an abode of majestic mountains, some beautiful terrains, gushing lakes and some waterfalls which are beautiful beyond description. The presence of variety in its demographics makes in a popular trekking site within Sikkim.

The History and Culture of West Sikkim!!

West Sikkim has a rich historical significance in the history and cultural aspect of Sikkim.

The first Chogyal of Sikkim was coronated at Yuksum, West Sikkim in 1642. The first monasteries to be built in Sikkim, namely Dubdi and Sanga Choling were constructed in West Sikkim. The beautiful west district is a great destination for nature lovers as well as some spiritual seekers.

The west region of the Sikkim is the home to a few of the oldest Monasteries of the Buddhism faith in the world. The ancient religious importance of the place and the enchanting view of the landscape make this beautiful land a must visit place for the nature lover tourists and spiritual seekers. The district has been divided into two sub-divisions, Geyzing and Soreng.

The towns of West Sikkim !!

The capital of West Sikkim is a place called Geyzing which has been operative for a really long time. Other important towns in West Sikkim are

  • Pelling ( 130 km from Siliguri)
  • Yuksom (145 km from Siliguri)
  • Soreng ( 103 km from Siliguri)
  • Jorethang ( 85 km for Siliguri)

These are some places in the west which are not bustling in shopping malls and major developmental plans but are rich in natural and cultural aspects which are a rich in the cultural aspect of Sikkim.

Reaching West Sikkim For Tour!!

It has to be cleared that West Sikkim can either be traveled from Gangtok or Siliguri. A travel agency in Siliguri can also offer affordable tour packages in West Sikkim. It is not compulsory that a trip to Sikkim has to be applied through a Sikkim registered travel agency. There are major Tour operators in Siliguri or a good option would be taking a Sikkim Tour Packages with Eastern India Holidays to ensure full satisfaction. A car rental service in Siliguri can be discussed after proper evaluation and online comparing of best car rental prices till West Sikkim.

Best time to visit or tour West Sikkim!!

The best months of the visit would be from April – June, and October – November. December is an ideal month to visit if you want to experience snowfall.

Temperature During the month of December:

  • Minimum = -3 °C
  • Maximum = 18 °C

If you are planning a summer break, look at the temperatures during the month of June

  • Minimum = 9°C
  • Maximum = 27 °C

The major trekking routes in West Sikkim which provide a unique travel experience!!

1. Trekking to Goecha La-

As you start climbing across the Goecha la trekking route you are offered a panoramic view of the major glacial peaks of Kanchenjunga, Mt Pandim, and Mt Jopuno.

  • Altitude: 4939 meters
  • Best Season: March-May & September – November
  • Basecamp: Yuksom
  • Duration of Trek: 11 days approx.

2. Trekking to Kanchenjunga base camp

This tour from Yuksom to the Kanchenjunga base camp is one of the most dangerous trek routes, due to the presence of four heavy glaciers that are part of this terrain.

  • Altitude: 5086 meters
  • Best Season: March-May & September – November
  • Basecamp: Yuksom
  • Duration of Trek: 13 days maximum.

3. Singalila and Goecha La Trek

It is a great combination of tea valleys, picturesque gardens, oak trees, and rhododendrons. It is best for adventure seekers who are in love with nature and its creation.

  • Altitude: 4940 meters
  • Best Season: March-May & September – November
  • Basecamp: Uttarey in West Sikkim
  • Duration of Trek: This is a long trekking covering almost more than 18 to 19 days.

4. The Rhododendron trek in Sikkim

A trek in West Sikkim which consists of walking along narrow natural trails which are decorated by the nature with rhododendrons of different colors. It is a satisfying journey over a few days designed and planned to provide an excellent experience of the beautiful West Sikkim during the flowering season of spring.

  • Altitude: 3650 meters
  • Best Season: March-May & September – November
  • Basecamp: Yuksom
  • Duration of Trek: About 10 to 11 days

Some of the major tourist destinations in West Sikkim!!

A great travel plan is always well organized and planned. As West Sikkim might be a completely new destination in your travel diary, here are some of the best places in West Sikkim and what to expect from them:


Uttarey is a small village located at around 6600ft. It is situated near the Nepal border and the village attracts tourists with its beautiful view of mt. Kanchenjunga from its higher ridges.

Highlights: Singshore bridge, the second highest bridge in Asia.


Situated at an altitude of 1780 mt, Yuksom is famous as an adventure spot and is also the starting place for mountaineering expeditions and adventurous treks to the higher Kanchenjunga ranges.

The name `Yuksom` means the meeting place of three Lamas.

Highlights: Dubdi Monastery established in the year 1701, the oldest monastery in Sikkim.


Legship is a small town and is also the gateway to West Sikkim. It serves as a junction of crossing roads from Yuksom, Gangtok, Jorethang, Pelling, and Geyzing.

Highlights: Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves and Sulphurous Hot Springs.


Labdang is a hilly village which is situated in the Geyzing Block of West Sikkim district in Sikkim. It is one of the 73 villages of Geyzing Block of the West Sikkim district.

Highlights: Place for the adventure activities like trekking.


Rinchenpong is a small town in the Sikkim, which sits at an altitude of almost 5576 ft. It is situated in West Sikkim and is about 40 km west from Gangtok and around 10 km due south of Gyalshing.

Highlights: Rinchenpong Monastery and Poison Lake.


Kaluk is a beautiful village located at an altitude of 5300 feet which is about 2 km away from Rinchenpong.

Highlights: Gurung Monastery


It is also the capital of West Sikkim. The beautiful tiny town is located at an elevation of 6500 ft. in the state of Sikkim. Geyzing is also famous for its spiritual inclination as it houses a number of holy monasteries.

Highlights: Pemayangtse and Sangachoeling monasteries.


Soreng is a hilly village with a beautiful landscape that gives it a wonderful background of the surrounding hills. It is about two hours drive from Pelling as also from Melli. Soreng is known for their large production of vegetables, oranges, and flowers.

Highlights: An Eco-tourism spot and A trek to Jhandi Danra to see the variety of flowers and birds.


It is a beautiful village which stands at an altitude of 3,700 feet. Sombaria a remote area in the extremes of west Sikkim is full of vegetations of temperate type. It is around 115 km away from the capital, Gangtok.

Highlights: it is an ideal place for Bird Watching.


Chakung, West Sikkim
Image Courtesy: India Mike

It is a popular picnic spot, has a cafeteria and is reached after an easy walking trail through the forest. Durpiney Danra Viewpoint is a paragliding takeoff point which provides an excellent overlooking view of Darjeeling and Jorethang.

Highlights: Paragliding take-off point and an excellent viewpoint.

Rabdentse Ruins

Rabdentse Ruins is the archeological site that glorifies the history of Sikkim. It was also the second capital of Sikkim which was established by the Chogyal II.

Highlights: A walk away from the Pemayangtse Monastery

The development process has really caused the world to be devoid of forest and green cover. Still some places like the West Sikkim have relative and a huge amount of forest cover and snow-covered mountains which are loved by tourist across India. The west Sikkim has a tremendous amount of sightseeing options which are too good to be described in words.

See it to believe it!!

The Magical West Sikkim - A Complete Tour Plan Guide
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