Paragliding in Sikkim and 5 Safety Measures You Must Follow

Paragliding in Sikkim and 5 Safety Measures You Must Follow

Good things come in small packages and Sikkim is a great example. You shall find Sikkim packed with secrets waiting to be discovered.

Paragliding in Sikkim is one of the adventure sports have always been on the list of worldwide adventure enthusiast. India has recently gained huge popularity in the field of adventure sports that have been made possible from many major tourist destinations. Sikkim is one great adventure location which has a variety of adventures to provide to its visitors alongside the pristine beauty that it has been assigned to it by nature.

About Sikkim

Sikkim needs permits to enter some specific areas due to its border issues so it is advised to hire any tour and travel agency in Siliguri or if you purchase adventurous Sikkim tour packages which shall guide you through the entire journey and the permit issues, you might have to take care of inside Sikkim. Eastern India Holidays also provide car rental service in Siliguri also provides some excellent deals that are available online. Make sure to choose the best Darjeeling – Sikkim package from the list.

Sikkim is one of the beautiful North Eastern states which is bordered by Tibet in its north and east, West Bengal in the south, Nepal in the west and Bhutan in its eastern end. It is also a culturally varied state where lots of religions co-exist and have been staying together for a long time.

The unique state of Sikkim is packed with lots of adventure sports which consist of:

  • Paragliding in Sikkim
  • Kayaking
  • River Rafting
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking in Sikkim
  • Cable car ride

Paragliding Points in Sikkim and rates

Paragliding in Sikkim
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Sikkim has some of the most beautiful Paragliding points where your flight is assured and taken care of by some trained experts. In Sikkim, there are basically two types of services when it comes to Paragliding here.

The first option takes you to a medium altitude of about 1300 – 1400 meters. The take-off spot for the medium flight and Paragliding is at Baliman Dara, a point near Gangtok. The flying time is of 5-10 minutes and you shall land at a stadium field situated in Reshithang Sports Village.

The second option takes you to a high latitude ride of 2200 meter. It flies relatively higher than the first option. The take-off location is at Bulbuley Dara in Gangtok. The landing zone is at an altitude of 1150 meters about 4 km away from the take-off point. The flight time is of 20-30 minutes. The cost of this service is 2,500/- per person.

The landing zone (the stadium field) is at an altitude of 1,150 meters, about 4kms from the take-off point. Among amazing views of the mountains, you will also see Taktse International School at Pangthang, Bojoghari village, and Tashi View Point. The total flying time on a high fly is 20-30 minutes. The cost of this service is Rs. 4,500/- per person.

Safety measure while Paragliding in Sikkim

Adventure sports are all about risk and the thrill which are the main goals to be achieved by the adventure junkies. Though every sport has some risks with it, there are also some safety measures that you must take care of before you try Paragliding. It is rather wise to be safe than to be sorry. Let us see what measures can be taken to ensure a safe flight while paragliding in Sikkim

1. Ensuring the attendants are experts in their field

You must have a background check about the company you are going to take the Paragliding services with. You must make sure the company has been providing quality and safe landings. The assistants who are also supposed to be your guide must have a certification of being a trained paragliding expert. You cannot risk your life with an attendant, whose knowledge about the safety is doubtful. Check before it’s too late.

2. Preparation

You can start your preparation by gathering information about the weather forecast and the wind speeds and conditions which shall be evaluated before you take your flight. Secondly, you can monitor and inspect the types of equipment which are to be used for flying. Check your harness and besides all these, you must also have a correct state of mind before the flight.

3. Good launch

A good launch ensures that your flight is successful. How you begin largely ensures how your trip is going to be. One of the measures ensures keeping the legs down at launch until you take off the hill. You must also be prepared to abort the flight and be prepared to abort quickly if any of the factors does not feel right and you feel it might just go wrong. It is the work of your pilot but you must also be ready to follow exact instructions in terms of emergency and not hesitate at any cost.

4. Reach the Landing Zone with Adequate Altitude

The landing is the important part of the trip and you must know the importance of a proper landing and its measures. Just make sure that you are maintaining enough altitude to assess wind conditions before you reach the landing zone. Failure to reach the landing zone in required condition will result in landing out which is hazardous and greatly increases the chances of an accident to occur.

5. A Good Landing

A successful ride is always followed by a perfect and safe landing. You must follow the instructions accordingly and ensure that you are landing in the landing zone and in respect to the wind conditions which is a top priority. You could also practice landings couple of days before your trip by seeing and reading about the right landing techniques. Ensure that you are perfect in your flair timing and touch on each and every flight you are going to take.

Note: Adventure sports pack with it a great adventure and thrilling experiences but we must also remember that the risk that involves it must also be properly assessed. No experience or joy is worth your precious life. Safety must be ensured in everything you do. Delay in your activity due to unfavorable conditions should be agreed upon at every step.

Paragliding in Sikkim and 5 Safety Measures You Must Follow
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Paragliding in Sikkim and 5 Safety Measures You Must Follow
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