Mystical Khecheopalri Lake – You Cannot Leave Sikkim Without Visiting

Mystical Khecheopalri Lake – You Cannot Leave Sikkim Without Visiting

The West Sikkim also holds a beautiful and sacred lake in between the dense forests whose name translates to Heaven of Padmasambhava.

The West Sikkim is home to the oldest monastery in Sikkim and its wild nature is also a great site for camping and trekking activities. Besides these, the beautiful lake Khecheopalri has also been a great site for tourists, who come here to see the mystical lake with their own eyes.

The lake of Khecheopalri is a sacred pilgrim site for both the Buddhist as well as the Hindus. The Buddhist relates this lake to Guru Padmasambhava whereas the Hindus also believe it to be a gift from Goddess Tara. People of all religion as well the nature lovers travel here in search of peace and serenity. The lake is untouched natural beauty which has not been touched by the public due to the proper maintenance of the lake by the Government of Sikkim.

How to reach the Khecheopalri Lake from Gangtok?

Gangtok To Khecheopalri Lake Distance

The lake is around 138 kilometers away from the capital of Gangtok and takes around 5 and a half hour to reach there. The nearest district will be Pelling which is about 34 kilometers away from the lake. This is the closest town near the lake where you may good Guesthouses and restaurants. The areas near the lakes are also a great site for trekking and have been witnessing campers from across the world.

Best time to visit the Khecheopalri Lake in Sikkim would be from March to May and September to October when the weather is very pleasant and the scene is more beautiful.

Planning your visit to Khecheopalri lake in Sikkim

The lake has some guest houses near the lake where you can relax but if you have already booked one of the incredible Sikkim holiday packages, you would be transferred to the nearest town where hotels and transportation are easily available. The nearest town would be Pelling which has easy access to any other place inside Sikkim and there are few tourist places like Yuksom, Rinchenpong, Dzongri and Hee Burmock, which can be visited while leaving West Sikkim. If you want the best travel experience you may also engulf yourself with the popular and the Eastern India Holidaysone of the best travel agency in Siliguri which gives you budget Sikkim holiday packages throughout the year.

Facts about the Khecheopalri lake

At first sight, you may see the lake with lots of prayer flags, ringing bells which give you the feeling of a sacred place and the atmosphere there makes the scene more peaceful. People come here with their own beliefs which vary in nature. Some people say the holy water of the lake has the power to cure anyone of their disease and the Lake is also said to grant wishes to anyone who visits there. This the prime reason why people of all religions and caste are seen sprinkling the water over them in a belief of a better tomorrow.

The water of the lake is so clean and pristine, it is really impossible to think that the natural lake is untouched. Any activity which would dirty the surrounding of the lake is prohibited. There is also a famous belief which is quite popular. People say the leaves and twigs which fall on the lake are picked up by the birds which are responsible for the clean lake.

You can find many bells which have been hung by Hindu believers, who come here to fulfil the one wish that the lake is believed to offer, The fluttering prayer flags adds more color to the scenic beauty of the lake and there are numerous fish on the lake which can be fed with items that they love to eat.

Things to Remember:

Swimming is not allowed on the lake water. The lake is a sacred place and is guarded by the tourism department of Sikkim. These are certain rules and regulations the tourist has to follow during their visit here. Breaking any of the rules may be treated as a criminal offense with critical consequences.

Rule 1

The lake has a wooden board on the bank where tourists are also supposed to open their shoes before getting on the plank.

Rule 2

The fishes on the lake have a great importance and no one is supposed to be fishing anywhere near the lake.

Rule 3

The people believe the fish on the lake to be sacred and would never eat or fish there.

The lakes in Sikkim are all so well managed and maintained as it is. The government plays a very vital part here. If the whole of India would realize the value of maintaining nature, there would be so many wonderful places to visit India. The sad part is that most of the tourist places have been affected by development or have lost its beauty due to human interference.

So if you are planning to visit Mystical Khecheopalri Lake in Sikkim, read the reviews from those travelers who have already visited Khecheopalri Lake.


Mother nature has already gifted us with so many gifts, all we need to do is to maintain. Sikkim is one of the best examples of maintenance, which should be followed by other states in India.

Mystical Khecheopalri Lake - You Cannot Leave Sikkim Without Visiting
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Mystical Khecheopalri Lake - You Cannot Leave Sikkim Without Visiting
Khecheopalri Lake in Sikkim is also known as wishing lake of India. Know the amazing facts, how to reach from Gangtok (route map), rules and regulation of this most beautiful holy place. surrounded by thick green forest and hills
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