How to Select the Best Travel Agency in Siliguri for a Budget Trip

How to Select the Best Travel Agency in Siliguri for a Budget Trip

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If you are planning a trip with your family and friends far away from your home, you have to contact a travel agency then. A trip managed by your own can be problematic, as you are not familiar with lodging, food, transportation and similar other things. A travel agent helps you with all these facilities from the beginning of your trip. If you want to make your trip smoother and budget-friendly, you have to contact Eastern India Holidays then. It is one of the most trusted tour operators in Siliguri.

#1: In the past, very few people used to contact a travel agency for travelling. This is because advertisement of their services wasn’t quite popular before. But today with the help of the internet, travel agencies have become an integral part of travelling all over the globe. They provide you with much important information along with, a comfortable trip without any trouble within a reasonable price.

#2: A good travel agent is supposed to ask you some important questions regarding your trip. They will require some information like your preferred destination, duration of your trip, the preferred mode of transportation and the budget for your trip. You need to give them clear information for the betterment of your trip. With such information, they will present to you a perfect budget trip suitable for you with the available facilities.

#3: You must be aware of the terms & conditions of a travel agency before selecting it. In case you want to cancel your booking or change your hotel, charges may be applicable by most of the tour operators in Siliguri. A huge amount of money is taken as a cancellation charge. But we charge comparatively less than any other travel agency in Siliguri.

#4: A genuine travel agency generally replies within hours. It shows that they are interested in you. This thing comes to help when you are facing problems during your trip. Eastern India Holidays is one such travel agency that stays always connected with you when you are booking your trip through them.

#5: Make sure your travel agent has good knowledge of the desired destination. It would be troublesome for you if your travel agent has not provided proper information about the place.

#6: What you must remember is that a regular travel agency is merely eager to raise its business. Hence they include some unnecessary elements in their packages. But with us, such elements are not included, since we believe in growing through goodwill & recommendations. We do not seek to procure profit through hidden costs.


Q.1– Do you provide packages from Siliguri to Darjeeling? What is the cost?

A– Yes, we have various packages for a trip from Siliguri to Darjeeling. The costs vary according to the package and the duration of the trip.

Q.1– I am from Alipurduar. I want to visit Sikkim by road. Is there any package?

A– Yes. We offer cars on rental for Sikkim trip. Pick up from NJP Railway Station is available.

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