Hanuman Tok A High Altitude Hindu Temple in Sikkim

Hanuman Tok A High Altitude Hindu Temple in Sikkim

Hanuman Tok Sikkim

Tok generally means Temple this is a Hanuman Tok with a breathtaking view of the hills and is also a popular viewpoint.

The temple is also a popular viewpoint which indeed provides the best view of the Kanchenjunga. The temple is perched on top of a hill and its altitude is 7200 ft. After reaching Gangtok you might as well take Gangtok-Nathula highway to reach this beautiful temple.

The distance between the temple and Gangtok is about 11km and it takes around 30 mins to reach there. The road ends at the entrance of the temple and from there; you need to start climbing the stairs of the temple to finally reach there. If you are tired of climbing the stairs, the temple provides benches where you can relax to the magical view of the nearby mountains.

The temple is popular among the tourist due to the divine and heavenly feeling one gets when you enter the Hanuman temple. Prayer chants or some religious music welcome you to the temple which is definitely soothing.

History of Hanuman Tok in Sikkim

Each and every temple in India has an interesting story or myth behind its creation and this temple is no different. It is believed that while Lord Hanuman was traveling to Lanka, he took some rest here. The temple is believed to fulfill wishes of its devotees which is the prime reason for its popularity.

The Sikkimese people are said to worship a stone here before the place was constructed with solid structure. It is said that during the 1950’s, a political officer by the name of Appaji Pant had constructed this Hindu Temple. He had a dream where he saw the erection of a Hanuman idol at this particular place, which encouraged him to erect a proper place for worshipping Lord Hanuman.

The royal cremation grounds are located near the temple. On this cremation ground, the bodies of the royal family of the Namgyal dynasty and his family were cremated here.

Best time of visit Hanuman Tok:

The Hanuman Tok is a famous viewpoint where the locals sit back and feel the soothing atmosphere that radiated from the surroundings here. There is no fixed time to visit the temple but during summers you could as well be delayed on your visit due to landslides. It must also be noted that the temple is open throughout the week it is open to visitors from 7 am to 5 pm. The Sikkim travel packages are bound to include this point under their schedule due to its popularity among the tourists.

Important things you must remember

As the temple also serves as a viewpoint, there are few instructions which must not be violated during your visit.

  • Alcohol and Drinking on the premises is not allowed
  • You are expected not to harm any wildlife that you see there
  • It is expected of you to cut down the noise level and maintain the ambiance, that the temple is well known for
  • Sikkim is one of the cleanest states in India and it is expected of you to use proper dustbins for disposal and not to litter the premises

How to reach Hanuman Tok in Sikkim from Kolkata and other major cities?

The beautiful viewpoint of Hanuman Tok is flooded with tourist during the peak seasons as everyone wants to experience the soothing ambiance here along with the view of the majestic mountains. The road to Hanuman Tok branches out from Gantok. So the first thing to take care of is finding the best car hire option to reach Gangtok which is around 115 km far and takes about 4 hours of the road trip to finally arrive in Gangtok.

Few licensed tour operators like Eastern India Holidays provide excellent packages which also includes NJP car rental, which can be a smart thing to do before you decide to travel.

Let us discuss the few options of transport from major cities like Kolkata to Hanuman Tok, in Sikkim.

If traveling in rail

If you are traveling by rail and are coming from Kolkata or major cities around India, you must book yourself a train which shall help you to reach NJP, the closest railway station to Sikkim. From here your NJP car rental may provide you a hired car which shall help you to reach Gangtok, comfortably. The distance between the railway station and Gangtok is about 114 km which would take 4 hours to reach if traveled by a hired cab.

If traveling by a flight

The closest airport while traveling to Hanuman Tok would be Bagdogra Airport, which is the only airport in North Bengal. There are shared taxi options till Gangtok but if you want to travel without a time limit, you can book a car hire from the airport which is supposed to take around 5 hours. The distance between the Airport and Gangtok is around 124 km and takes around 5 hours of the road trip to finally arrive in Gangtok.

From Gangtok, there are many options to reach you until Hanuman Tok which is just 11 km uphill from the capital. Read some reviews from those visitors who have already paid a visit to this Hindu temple in Sikkim.


It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, as the capital Gangtok is well connected via road. The first thing you must take care of is reaching Siliguri, which is also the gateway to North Bengal. The main priority of tourist are breathtaking views and if you are under that category of traveler, you must visit Hanuman Tok and sit back to the majestic view of the opposite mountains as well the bird’s view of the beautiful Gangtok.

Hanuman Tok A High Altitude Hindu Temple in Sikkim
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Hanuman Tok A High Altitude Hindu Temple in Sikkim
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