Trip To Gurudongmar Lake, The Frozen Lake of North Sikkim

Trip To Gurudongmar Lake, The Frozen Lake of North Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim

At an altitude of 17000 ft, the Gurudongmar Lake is situated in between the huge mountain peaks which are often covered in snow.

The Gurudongmar Lake is the second highest lake in Sikkim as well as in India. It was named after the holy Guru Padmasambhava who had stopped here on his visit to Tibet. It is among the top 15 highest lakes in the world. This lake is located in North Sikkim and also lies on the north side of the Khangchengyao Range. The Chinese Tibetan border is just 5 kilometers away from the lake and it freezes during the winters.

There are many religious connections that have been related to the lake which makes the lake a holy place for the Buddhist as well as other devotees.

How To Reach Gurudongmar Lake

There are methods of traveling to Sikkim which must be divided to be well understood. Firstly arrange your flight or rail service to reach till Siliguri. All the Metropolitan cities are well connected to Siliguri by flight as well as the railway so it must not be a hassle to reach Siliguri either way.

Travel option From Siliguri to  Gurudongmar Lake

The distance between Siliguri and Gangtok is about Siliguri is the Gateway to Sikkim as the only direct highway till Gangtok, NH 31A starts from Sevoke, in Siliguri. From Siliguri, you have the option of either taking a shared jeep or a hired taxi. Let us break the journey from here:

  • How to reach Gurudongmar lake from Siliguri: The distance from Siliguri to the capital of Gangtok is about, 124 km which can take you about 5 hours of the road journey. From here you need to book another cab till Gurudongmar Lake.
Siliguri to Gangtok Route Map
Siliguri to Gangtok by Car. Route Map. Image Courtesy: Google Map
  • How to go to Gurudongmar lake from Gangtok: From Gangtok, the distance till Gurudongmar lake is about 174 km. From Gangtok, you have to drive through the Lower Burtuk area and continue along the Chungthang road. You must continue driving on the Chungthang road and pass Singtam. Proceed by taking the road towards the Lachen Road and continue till the Gurudongmar Lake.
Gangtok to Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim, route map
How to go to Gurudongmar lake from Gangtok, route map. Image Courtesy:

This is also the best route to the glacial lake of Gurudongmar.

The Weather in Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

  • The weather in Gurudongmar Lake is cold throughout the year.
  • The coldest Season would be from November to May.
  • The minimum is 21 degree Celsius and the highest would be 2 degree Celsius.
  • However, the Best Season to visit the Lake would be from April May June and July.

The Road to Gurudongmar Lake

The journey to the lake has a midpoint stop in Thangu Lake. The road till Thangu is a road with rough patches and the road from Thangu till Lachen and the Gurudongmar lake is quite rough and affected easily by rain or snow. So be cautious while driving in this way.

Protected Area Permit

The lake is only accessible to Indian citizens and the entry is restricted to foreigners due to the border threats that are just a few kilometers ahead. The permits can be obtained by Indian Nationals at any of the Police Check Posts after providing valuable details about you along with few copies of photographs.

Precautions While You Visit Gurudongmar Lake

The altitude of the lake is 17000 ft which can be difficult for some tourists to adjust to. You can have breathing problems and motion sickness too, so it is suggested to carry your necessary medications or just take some pills for motion sickness which can be helpful until you reach the Gurudongmar Lake.

Gurudongmar Lake Visit Best time –  Why May is a Good Idea?

The weather in North Sikkim during the months of May is very favorable with the minimum temperature being -11 degree Celsius and the maximum is around -2 degree Celsius which is comparatively fine, looking at the extreme unbearable weather conditions here in winter.

The best seasons to visit means that you shall have a huge list of tourist from across the world that travels from far just to see the beauty through their eyes. If you have taken a Sikkim holiday package, from Siliguri tour operators, and make sure that they are licensed tour operator, of Sikkim. Every Sikkim Gangtok package consists of the tour to Gurudongmar Lake. You can also book yourself some cheap car booking in Siliguri.

Tips Before Visiting The Beautiful Lake of Gurudongmar

  • The months of April, May, June, and July are the best months to see the enhanced beauty of the lake.
  • The lake is restricted for foreign nationals and they are allowed to visit till the Thangu village.
  • It is required to apply for a protected area permit which can be obtained from.
  • It is the second highest lake in India, the first being Lake Cholamu lake in Sikkim itself.
  • The water from the lake is supposed to be holy which is why tourist carries water bottles to take home some blessed water.
  • People with high BP are requested to visit a doctor to get a clean chit for visiting the Lake.
  • There is a Sarv Dharm Sthal near the lake which is a common praying area for all the religions.

Reviews from Travelers who Visited Gurudongmar Lake In Recent Years

The reflection of the nearby mountain is reflected upon the clear crystal water of the lake, during summers. The Lake of Gurudongmar has no specific religion and is visited as a holy place by visitors around the world. This naturally beautiful Lake is a gift of nature to Sikkim, which they have properly managed. You must visit the place to understand its beauty.

Trip To Gurudongmar Lake, The Frozen Lake of North Sikkim
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Trip To Gurudongmar Lake, The Frozen Lake of North Sikkim
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