Top 5 Off-road Adventure Activities In Darjeeling

Top 5 Off-road Adventure Activities In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a beautiful town in the foothills of the Lesser Himalayas on an altitude of  6700 ft. Everyone knows that this. Adventure here varies from mountain climbing, paragliding, river rafting, trekking, hiking and kayaking, camping, mountain biking and other daring activities which challenge the composure of your mind and body. There have also been huge additions to the list of adventure activities  in Darjeeling one can try. Kindly keep note of the following lists.

1. Sandakphu Phalut Trekking (Trekkers Wonderland)

 Sandakphu Phalut Trekking

 Best time to visit – April to May when temperatures are between 6’c to 12’c.

Located at an altitude of 11940 ft. Sandakphu and the Phalut are the two highest points of this belt. This trek has gathered a lot of reputation and has been seeing a lot of travellers in recent times. The trekking to Sandakphu usually starts from a place called Maneybhanjan or the Chitrey. It has become a hub of adventure for the enthusiasts of adventure activities in Darjeeling. The experience of trekking here varies upon the time of the year you plan your visit. If you are trekking in the months of April to May you can expect to see crystal clear mountains and some glorious scenes of sunrise from Sandakphu.

Highlight: If you trek during winter you can expect white snow here and if you trek here in the spring season you are gifted with colourful forest covered in Rhododendrons and Magnolias.

So plan your journey and book your dates for the unique trekking experience under Darjeeling adventure.

2. Paragliding is one of the adventure activities in Darjeeling


 Best time to visit – It is mostly done between October and April due to favourable wind conditions.

 In Darjeeling, there are quite a few numbers of paragliding points. One of the best one would be from Jalpahar, where stands the heritage school, St. Paul’s Darjeeling( where a famous movie starring Shahrukh Khan was shot there). The journey lasts about 15 to 30 mins and flies through the Chowrasta where you can expect a lot of amazing eyes on you. Landing takes place 7 km from the town in the Lebong ground. Other paragliding services in Darjeeling would be from Jamuni, a beautiful place till Tukvar tea gardens.

Another option would be 2 hours journey away in the beautiful hills of Kalimpong. The starting point would be Dello Hills and the flight’s duration depends upon one’s preferences.

Highlight: The rates normally start from Rs. 3500 for this great adventure. This paragliding service really adds to the scenario of the adventure sports in Darjeeling and a pride for the Darjeeling adventure activities.

3. Whitewater river rafting

Whitewater river rafting

 Best time – It can be done throughout the year but December to June adds to the experience. Though the rivers flowing from the mountains have currents, it is favourable for rafting. Monsoon and rainy days must be avoided as it makes the current stronger and the trip a little risky.

 There are basically two points to start the journey. One is Melli, which lays few km above the second point Triveni. Here, two rivers namely Teesta and Rangeet gush down the terrain of the Hills and forms a foaming white water and water conditions perfect for river rafting. The place is known as Triveni and is popular among the Darjeeling adventure camp enthusiasts. Triveni provides a great platform for the Darjeeling adventure sports from river rafting to kayaking to fishing.

Highlight: The rafting takes you through several stages of mesmerizing beauty like the dense forests along the river slope, vegetation along with different kinds of birds and fishes which adds to the rafting adventure.

4. Kayaking


Best time: The white water rafting and kayaking are best during the same months. Just avoid the monsoon.

 Firstly let us discuss what Kayaking is. It is actually a small boat or a canoe which is paddled downstream by a single person along the currents. Kayaking is becoming popular among the off-road adventurers.

The off-road adventure under the Darjeeling adventure sports must be given at least a week time to be conquered and get done with. There are just few adventure trips anywhere across India which can be decided in a short notice. Kayaking is excellent which needs little time to be set up and in a day your dream of kayaking are transformed into reality.

Highlight: The River provides a favourable downstream from Singla and stretches over 1800 m of foaming white river water. The route of the trip is made up of beautiful natural vegetation and some unique birds to like to sit near the river and add to the beauty of the valley. Proper measures are taken for your safety.

5. Tenzing Rock

Tenzing Rock

Best time: Anytime during the year except for rainy days which makes the rock slippery and dangerous.

As already mentioned above, Tenzing Norgay was the first to climb Mount Everest. Ever wondered how this person from the hills must have mastered the art of hill climbing? You will find your answers here at Singmari, Lebong cart road, Darjeeling (3 km from town).

Tenzing rock is a natural rock which is 30 to 35 ft tall. It is said that Tenzing Norgay used to climb during his childhood days with bare hands and feet. The rock has a steep slope on one side which isn’t used for the climbing. The other side which is 30 to 35 ft tall has been modified to make it a real climbing adventure for the beginners.

Highlight: The Rock has just the right edges to test your climbing skills to the top. The view from the top is breathtaking. There are also ropes which provide support while climbing.

You have always read about how life is an adventure but if your roller coaster life with ups and downs does not interest you, pack up and plan your Darjeeling visit for these real lives off-road adventures. Once you complete your stay and well as some of these adventures mentioned above, you can proudly say, ‘You heard, you planned and you conquered’.

Top 5 Off-road Adventure Activities In Darjeeling
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Top 5 Off-road Adventure Activities In Darjeeling
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