6 Delicious Street Food of Sikkim to Try Out

6 Delicious Street Food of Sikkim to Try Out

Sikkim Foods - 6 Delicious Foods To Try Out

Food is not just about eating, it is an experience. Alongside beauty of Sikkim, you should not miss the delicious street food of Sikkim.

About Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful northeastern states whose beauty has been appreciated by visitors around the world. It sees a huge traffic of tourists, during it peak seasons of March and June, which is also the best season to visit Sikkim. To reach Sikkim you shall first have to arrive at Siliguri, which is the Gateway to Gangtok. There are many travels & tour operators in Siliguri, who provide excellent Sikkim holiday packages, which cover almost all the important tourist sites around Sikkim.

The presence of high altitude lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, greenery, rivers and beautiful and heritage Monasteries are surely going to make you fall in love with Sikkim.

Besides the beauty of Sikkim, you should also try out the delicious Sikkim street food whose taste is going to stay with you for a long time during your holidays at Sikkim.

The Temperatures Of Sikkim Throughout The Year

  • During March/June = 5°C to 25°C
  • During July-September = 5°C to 20°C
  • During October-February = -7°C to 5°C

Major Activities To Be Done In Sikkim

Activities in Sikkim

Let us see some delicious Sikkim street food which you should not miss while you’re in Sikkim:


It is Traditional Nepali handmade, round shaped sweet bread. This bread is different from any other bread that you might have seen and tasted. This bread is generally prepared during the important festivals in the State, which is then exchanged among each other as a token of love to celebrate the festivals.

It is a circular puffed up doughnut, which has a crispy texture at the joints. It is easily available at any traditional restaurants around the State.


It is a traditional dish which is related to Sikkim. It is a non-veg dish whose main ingredients are Pork, chilli, and radish. It is a very popular street food which is available throughout Sikkim and is best served with chapatti or Rice. It is a spicy dish which is preferable during the summers due to its texture.

The dish is rich in proteins, vegetables and has no oil in; making it a delicacy common to even the health-conscious food lovers of Sikkim.


It is a very popular street food easily available at all restaurants inside the city. It is actually a Tibetan dish which is now one of the favorites and a very healthy dish popular throughout Sikkim. It is a kind of noodle soup which can be made of vegetables, wheat, mutton or chicken. The dish or the soup is made spicier after some chili flakes are added to it.


It is one of a kind soup which is served at almost any restaurants in Sikkim and is a popular dish. It is a soup made of cotton cheese and is one of the traditional dishes which is liked by the visitors the most. The soup can be mixed with different vegetables depending on your taste and liking and sometimes it can also be garnished with coriander leaves and panch phoran which increases the overall taste of this traditional dish.


Thukpa is another fast food which is popular with the locals as well as the tourist visiting Sikkim. It is a noodle soup of Tibetan origin but it has transformed into something different with some added flavors which put a Sikkimese flavor to it. It is a healthy food which can be both vegs as well as non-veg.

The vegetables which are used in this dish depend upon the type of vegetables that grow during that particular season but all the ingredients used are fresh locally grown vegetables which are grown in the state under their organic style of farming. This dish can be found in heritage restaurants as well as some fast food counters but the local vendor would give you the most authentic taste which the Thukpa is supposed to have.


It is another dish which is one of the most popular street food and the smell of the fried Sha Phaley lingers the streets of Gangtok after it gets dark. Your Sikkim trip must have an encounter with Sha Phaley which is for people who love bread, meat and love fried food because it has all these three aspects of it.

These are semi-circle fried bread which is stuffed with a variety of meat, according to your choice. The stuffings inside are meat which is mixed with onion and cabbage which makes this fried item a popular dish in Sikkim. Some counters in Sikkim like the Roll House in M.G Marg put a little twist in the dish by adding cheese inside which gives it a pizza like a theme which is something unique you could also try.

A food is a wonderful way to experience a culture of a place through its taste. Every place has something new to offer. Even if the dishes match or are similar, the taste shall vary and the taste of every place remains in your mind and heart which will be a memory or an experience that shall remain with you throughout.

6 Delicious Street Food of Sikkim to Try Out
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6 Delicious Street Food of Sikkim to Try Out
Food is not just about eating, it is an experience. Alongside beauty of Sikkim, you should not miss the delicious street food of Sikkim. Take a look at these unique flavors of India.
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