5 Traditional Handicrafts Crafts Of Sikkim To Buy Before You Return

5 Traditional Handicrafts Crafts Of Sikkim To Buy Before You Return

Sikkim is a colorful state which is always engulfed in harmony which radiates through the varied cultures here that co-exist.

The Sikkim might be one of the smallest states but its beauty and richness in culture are vast. The Bhutias, the Nepalis, and the Lepchas are the major inhabitants or residents of Sikkim. They are all deemed as Sikkimese now but they have not forgotten their roots and continue to uphold the traditions and customs.

The traditional handicrafts of Sikkim and artifacts project the variety of cultures in Sikkim. You can get your hands on Tibetan items, Nepali items as well as crafts which are related to the Bhutias and the Lepchas.

How to reach Sikkim

Sikkim is a 5-hour drive from Siliguri, which is the main gateway. You shall first have to come till Siliguri and then book a car until Sikkim. The distance is roughly 144 km via NH 10 highway. Sometimes it may take a bit longer as the road to Sikkim is often damaged by landslides and other causes. It is advisable to take note of the note from Siliguri itself. There is NJP car rental services that can provide direct care service to Sikkim at a reasonable cost. Bagdogra Airport to provides similar car rental options.

When to visit Sikkim?

Sikkim is populated with tourist throughout the year. There is tourist activity across Sikkim as this small state has been gaining its reputation as one of the beautiful hill stations in India due to the variety of Landscapes that are offered here. The main seasons when the traffic of tourists is huge are:

  • During summer: April till June
  • During monsoon: July till September
  • During winter: October till March

The hotels are mostly booked ahead of time. If you are planning to visit Sikkim, make sure you have booked your hotel few months before your travel, after comparing the prices on the internet.

Sikkim have beautiful places all over the state. The security of Sikkim is very tight and visiting some places require some permits which can be availed from Eastern India Holidays Siliguri which is a registered travel agency of the Sikkim Tourism Department. The reason for this is the existence of Indo-China border near Nathula Pass.

Let us look at few wonderful places that you must visit during your visit to Sikkim:

1. Places To Visit In East Sikkim

2. Places To Visit In West And South Sikkim

  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Rabdentse Ruins
  • Sanga-Choling Monastery
  • Khecheopalri Lake
  • Tashiding Monastery
  • Rimbi Waterfall
  • Kanchanjangha Waterfall
  • Temi Tea Garden

3. Places To Visit In North Sikkim

  • Phodong Monastery
  • Phensang Monastery
  • Singhik
  • Chungthang
  • Lachung
  • Yumthang
  • Lachen

After you have visited the best tourist places in Sikkim, you have the hardest decision left of what to take back home as a souvenir or as a gift for your loved ones. Mostly, traditional items are bought as souvenirs and Sikkim, in particular, has a variety of traditional handicrafts of Sikkim to choose from.

Best Five Traditional Handicrafts of Sikkim

1. Carpets of Sikkim

Sikkim Carpets
Image Courtesy: sikkimcrafts.gov.in/carpetweaving.html

Sikkim’s style of carpet weaving is one of the oldest carpets weaving technique in the world. The carpets are woven with the help of frame loom. Sikkim is really known for the traditional carpets that they offer. The designs reflect the culture of Sikkim and existence of bright and rich colors makes it look colorful as well as beautiful. The designs may depict the snow clad mountains or the flowering valleys. The styles used for carpets are Buddhist forms of art.

2. Wood Carving

One of the most popular items bought by tourists are the wooden carvings. The monasteries are the best place to witness excellent Wood carvings in Sikkim. The monasteries and buildings in Sikkim are all carved in wood. This form of art is an old tradition which has been passed upon generations. These carvings come in all sizes and are made from the magnolia wood. These are all hand painted and the dragon is the most popular design which is used regularly.

3. Thangka Painting

These are traditional paintings which are made on canvas with a frame of silk. These paintings were actually created to preach the ideals of Buddhism through art. The best thangkas can be seen at the monasteries which are the treasure chest of thangkas. These paintings were earlier only made by monks and priests. This art form has been commercialized and now the monasteries and other practitioners earn good amount of money. These paintings are all related to Buddhism. It also is an offering to the gods and depiction of the life of Lord Buddha.

4. Handlooms

Handloom and Handicrafts of Sikkim

Sikkim is located at a high altitude which makes the climate here relatively cold, throughout the year. The woolen clothes and blankets are must for the people of Sikkim. These woolen items are designed recycled into bags, shawls, dolls as well as jackets. The Government has opened many cottage industries to promote handlooms.

These handlooms are not only unique but are also trendy and are up to date as well as fashionable. These handlooms are wonderful souvenirs to be taken back home.

Address: Zero Point, NH 31 A, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4PM
Phone: 070631 09336

5. Choktse Tables

Choktse Table
Image Courtesy: sikkimcrafts.gov.in/handicrafts.html

These are traditional foldable tables which have become an important part of Sikkim handicrafts. They are popular not only inside India but also worldwide. They are found in various designs and wonderful patterns. They are made from the wood of the tree known as Kath. The designs are firstly drawn on the wood and later drilling machine is used to carve out the designs.

The memories from vacations are meant to stay with you forever and taking back some traditional handicrafts of Sikkim are the best souvenirs which not only reminds you of your vacation but also adds beauty to your collection of handicrafts. They are very beautiful and you can choose from different sizes that are available. Do not leave Sikkim without taking a piece of Sikkim’s tradition and culture.

5 Traditional Handicrafts Of Sikkim To Buy Before You Return
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5 Traditional Handicrafts Of Sikkim To Buy Before You Return
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