15 Facts To Know Before You go For Tsomgo Lake Nathula Tour

15 Facts To Know Before You go For Tsomgo Lake Nathula Tour

Tsomgo Lake or Changu Lake is a heaven on earth where you will see land, water, mountain as well as snow all in one place.

At an altitude of about 12400 ft, the Tsomgo Lake is one of the fascinating places in Sikkim, whose beauty cannot be expressed in words nor completely captured in a photograph. The 360 view of the glacial lake is breathtaking and if you visit during the summer season you might well be gifted with the clear and pristine reflections of the towering mountains on the lake.

Sikkim holiday packages from Eastern India Holidays are sure to include the Tsomgo Lake in it due to its beautiful scenery and majestic views. The best travel agency in Siliguri is sure to provide you best deals for Sikkim but there is something you need to know. Visiting Tsomgo Lake requires permits which can only be provided by the tour operators registered under the Tourism Department of Sikkim.

The lake falls on the way to Nathula and it is 17 km away from the lake. Higher up, you can have a detailed view of the few tourist places that exist higher up at an altitude of about 14,200 ft. Some tourists from outside Sikkim have the times of their life and also witness snow for the first time in their life. The place is really high up and you must take precautions if you already have breathing problems. Getting emergency services here would be really difficult due to its distance from the nearest town of Gangtok.

Best time to visit Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim

  • If you want to witness snow and want to see the frozen side of the lake than you must visit here anytime between January to March.
  • If you want to see the crystal clear water of the lake along with the beautiful orchids you should plan your visit during the months of April to May.

The Climate in Changu Lake

  • During peak winters the weather can be anything from 8 degrees C to – 18-degree c.
  • During the months of April to May, the weather is between 18degree C to -17 degrees C.

How to Reach Changu Lake

If you are traveling from inside India you shall first have to reach Siliguri by either a train or take a flight till here. The NJP station is well connected throughout India and The Bagdogra has regular flights to and fro from the major cities in India.

From Siliguri, you shall have to take a shared or a private cab till Gangtok which shall take around 5 and half hours.

From Gangtok, the Tsomgo Lake is around 33 km. If you are traveling alone, you might get shared jeeps from Vajra Taxi Stand at a rate between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 depending upon the tourist activities.

The Tsomgo Lake is a beautiful lake which provides an excellent tourist destination for national as well as International tourists. It must be noted that due to security reasons there are few complications and health tips which must be completed before visiting the Tsomgo Lake.

Lets Us Have A Look At The 15 Facts About Tsomgo Lake You Must Know

  • The Tsomgo Lake is normally mixed with a trip to Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass which is around 13 km from the Lake.
  • Tsomgo Lake can be visited by both National as well as Foreign Nationals.
  • The Indians require a PAP (Protected Area Permit) and the Foreigners require RAP (Restricted Area Permit.
  • Only Indian Nationals can go higher up till Nathula Pass due to tight security and border issues.
  • The altitude of 12500 ft is very high and the level of oxygen can deplete here. If you already have a breathing problem, makes sure you have carried your inhaler or necessary medicines.
  • The Lake is 38 km from the capital of Gangtok and takes about 2.5 hours to reach.
  • Gangtok is situated at an altitude of 5,410 ft and the altitude soars up to 10,000 ft when you reach the Tsomgo Lake which is just 15-20 Km away. So you can expect a steep road till the Lake.
  • The migratory bird known as Brahminy Duck takes a break in Tsomgo Lake during its flight from Siberia and can be seen here.
  • The upward stretch from the Tsomgo Lake would be the old trade route between India and China where the mules used to carry loads along the route prior to 1962.
  • One of the few places in the world where you can actually opt for a Yak Ride which are decorated with various ornaments.

  • The meaning of the word Tsomgo is ‘Source of Water’ in the Bhutia language, which can be related to the surrounding mountains whose melting snow is the source of the water in the Lake.
  • According to the myth the Buddhist monks of Sikkim used to predict the future by looking at the color of the Lake.
  • The Lake is frozen during the months of January to mid-April.
  • The lake is also sacred and every Guru Purnima you would find the local Jhakris or the faith healers congregating here annually.
  • The ropeway over the Tsomgo Lake can be a good way to have a towering view over this heaven on earth.

The Tsomgo Lake is one of the best examples of the beautiful creativity of nature. The gifts of beauty have been abundantly gifted to Sikkim but it has also been able to properly manage the resources provided to it and sustaining it in the best manner possible. It has been rightly said that we have everything that we need; we just need to know where to find it.

Sikkim shall still be one of the best-visited hill stations in India due to its unbelievable beauty.

15 Facts To Know Before You go For Tsomgo Lake Nathula Tour
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15 Facts To Know Before You go For Tsomgo Lake Nathula Tour
Tsomgo Lake or Changu Lake is a heaven on earth where you will see land, water, mountain as well as snow all in one place. Know some untold facts about Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim.
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