Amazing Thailand


Thailand is an archipelago that is divided into five geographical locations. Inhabited mainly by the Theravada Buddhists, Thailand is a destination that has been cut out to be an extremely versatile touring destination. In Thailand, you will run into fun-filled beaches, luxury resorts, bustling local marketplaces, tropical rainforests, stunning monasteries and an oriental sea-food incorporated cuisine to die for. You cannot miss the New Year Water Festival that is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Thailand is home to Asia’s largest forest, the Khao Yai National Park, that is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. Also, one of the trademark attractions of Thailand is the colorful and vibrant floating market, that assembles in Ratchaburi. Head over to Bangkok to indulge in some luxury as well as thrift shopping for souvenirs in the weekend market. The collection of products will simply blow your mind.

The Perfect Time to Step In

The best time to step into Thailand is year round. The islands enjoy a congenial weather throughout the year. Yet, if you want to choose a favorable period, go around the months of November until March.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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