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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island that enjoys a crucial place in the Hindu mythological epic of Ramayana. It starts from the waters where the Indian peninsula ends and is surrounded by white shores that are flanked by foamy waves. Sri Lanka has experienced and accumulated Indian, British, Dutch and Buddhist influences and it shows in their everyday culture, architecture and cuisine. Tamil, Sinhalese, and Moor locals inhabit the island and are extremely hospitable and welcome in their approach.

Sri Lanka offers you an exciting itinerary full of activities and leisure. You can step into elephant orphanages to pet them and steal a glimpse of their eating habits and how they are taken care of. The Peradeniya Gardens harbor the world famous Giant Bamboo of Burma that grows 12 inches tall within a day. Kelani River offers you excellent rafting opportunities & you can always snorkel beneath the playful waves that surround the island. Take a hot air balloon ride to get panoramic views of the Sri Lankan landscape and indulge in the freshest of sea-food delicacies at the end of the day. Your vacation will be sorted.

The Perfect Time to Step In

The weather in Sri Lanka pretty much remains constant throughout the year so you can book packages throughout the year and get to include everything in your itinerary as per your interest.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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