Malaysia Holidays


Malaysia is another chunk of an exotic beach destination that shares its borders with destinations like Singapore & Thailand. Malaysia is a land that breeds multiple cultures. Muslims, Hindus, Malays & Buddhists live together and form a vibrant community who live together in peace and harmony. Nights in Malaysia are glittery, with towering skyscrapers lighting up the skyline, Petronas Towers being the most distinct one.

When you're in Malaysia, you can explore through Hindu shrines, lush resorts, themed rooms, and ample adventure activities like trekking through the peaks, forested parks, canopied walkways, candid beaches and much more. The cuisine offered comes in an extensive variety owing to the tourist inflow, and sightseeing options are endless.

The Perfect Time to Step In

Visit Malaysia from the month of March till October so that your vacation is dry and sightseeing sessions are uninterrupted by bouts of rainfall. Monsoon generally grips Malaysia during the months of November till the arrival of February.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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