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The name Hong Kong recites to fragrant harbor. It is a region that has been influenced over the course of time with both South Asian & European cultures owing to its colonial history shared with Britain & its close proximity to the mainland of China. Here, you can indulge both in oriental street food like steaming plates of dim sum or enjoy an elaborate high-tea session inside the walls of a British-inspired eatery.

Amidst everything, Hong Kong has still managed to maintain its own unique identity. Its forested peaks, ecological parks, candid streets, monasteries and museums together create a beautiful itinerary for you to make your vacation a memorable one. And when everything else fades away, you can always head down to refresh yourselves in the beaches.

The Perfect Time to Step In

The climate of Hong Kong is a tropical one. The best time to visit this destination is during the months of October, November and December when the days are clear, dry and cool.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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