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Bhutan is a Buddhist country that is emerging to be one of South Asia's most popular touring destinations. This country, that had isolated itself from the world, paying due importance to ecological and cultural preservation. Hence, what you witness when you step in, is a spectacle straight out of postcards. With lush green greenery, wooden houses with elaborately decorated sloping roofs, strings of colorful prayer flags, little monks with shaved heads - Bhutan presents a timeless picture. The best thing to witness is the Tsechu festival which is celebrated with fearsome yet striking mask dances and monk performances.

The country operates on the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. This unique concept has earned a global fame on humanitarian grounds. The country, rigged with undulating terrain, is home to a large number of floral reserves, including the rare blue poppy that isn't found anywhere else in the world. The monasteries, dzongs, and watchtowers are some of the most striking examples of the artistic & architectural finesse of Bhutan.

The Perfect Time to Step In

You can step into Bhutan anytime of the year. During summer, the southern district of Bhutan hosts the Haa Summer Festival that showcases intriguing performances and competitions held between the indigenous tribes. Also, walking in during the time of Tsechu celebration isn't a bad idea either.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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