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Bali is a destination that, unlike its neighboring tourism hotspots, is a Hindu dominated location. Once you enter Bali, you will find Hindu influences in its language, households, and architecture. The entire domain of Bali is surrounded by the nine-directional temples that are erected in strategic locations to protect the island from the influence of the evil spirits. These temples are unique and can be easily distinguished by their signature multi-tiered roofs. They are dedicated to both Hindu & Buddhist deities, two of them residing under the same roof quite often.

Bali is covered with lush rainforests and striking beaches where you can indulge in the land as well as water-based adventure activities like camping, trekking, snorkeling, canyon-tubing through the tropical streams or try your hand at kitesurfing in the endless blue expanse of the waves. One thing really worth looking forward to in Bali is the excellent display of art and craft by the hand of the talented locals. Their handiworks are worth taking home as a token of one thrilling vacation.

The Perfect Time to Step In

The best time to step into Bali are the months of May, June, and July but you can hop in during any month up until October when the skies are still clear and the waters are ideal for diving.

Places to Include in Your Itinerary

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