Goa one of the most beautiful beach in India


Goa is situated in the southern part of the Indian peninsula and is the smallest state of India in terms of size. Yet, this tiny destination is a national sensation under the light of being the most preferential beach destination in India. Goa is all about the vibe that connects with the youth, who look ahead to have indulged in endless nights of partying, frolicking by the beach. The carnivals and music festivals in Goa are famed to be out of this world.

But apart from the endless entertainment, Goa will offer you its cultural side, which doesn’t disappoint. Being the state with highest GDP rate in India, it is where the nation's first English Medium School & Medical School was established. The people, the architecture and the cuisine of Goa is an amalgamation of Portuguese and South Indian elements that is sure to please you through and through.

The Perfect Time to Step In

Step into Goa from the months of November to February when the weather is cool and pleasant. Also, Goa hosts numerous themed parties in resorts, beaches, casinos and hotels during Christmas and New Year. However, if you visit Goa during the off-season period, you will enjoy serene beaches and an array of resorts that aren't overcrowded.

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